The Super Shop Wizard

The Super Shop Wizard is different from the normal Shop Wizard. And because it's Super, it's better! This Shop Wizard searches ALL the shops in Neopets, not just the user shops. That means you can find the lowest prizes. You can also open it in Sniperspace (explaned below) and see the average price. There is also a bad side of the SSW. It can ban you and you cannot search for some items. The differences are below.
external image shopwizsuper.png

1: Get the lowest price.

SSW searches all of Neopets, therefore giving you the lowest price for the item. The normal Shop Wizard doesn't give you the lowest price.

2: Sniperspace!!!

You have the option to send the SSW into Sniperspace. Sniperspace lauches the SSW in a new window so you don't have to wait for the images to load. It makes it faster to get the item first!

3: Price Only

This gives you the average price of the item you searched for, based on the 10 lowest prices.

You must be amazed by these features! Well, that might change after you read about the bad side of the SSW...

4: Items that can't be searched.

TNT saw this was an advantege for Premium users, so they changed it and you cannot search for these types of items: Paintbrushes (Petpet and regular), Map Pieces, and transmogrification potions.

5: Banned from the Super Shop Wiz

If you use the SSW to much, you will get banned from it! The ban will be gone when the hour changes. You can still use the regular Shop Wizard if this happens. Lucky you!